26.2 million lies: Codelco in Intag

Yesterday the government of Ecuador proudly announced the signing of a new agreement between the Ecuadorian state-owned mining company, ENAMI, and Chile’s CODELCO- the world’s largest copper producer (also state-owned). The shame-full act was presided by none other than Codelco’s and Enami’s executive presidents. The agreement calls for the creation of a joint venture to continue with the exploration and eventual exploitation of the Junin mining concession (also known as Llurimagua). One of the government-owned propaganda media- the Telegrafo newspaper, reported(link below) that the government has invested 26.2 million dollars in infrastructure projects, such as electrification. road works, and environmental sanitationb. Which is a whopping lie. The most they’ve invested in, is fixing the road that they themselves use to go to the mining area, and which is used almost exclusively by the mining companies and employees. The curious thing is that they have no shame in telling these lies. Tells you much about their values and the farce known as responsible mining.