Codelco, don’t touch the glaciers

“Codelco, don’t touch the glaciers,” explains Silvia Chavez of the Group ecologist Aconcagua, who calls on us to preserve the perpetual banks that exist in the Valley of the Valparaíso region that are now threatened by Codelco Andina and its 244 expansion project.

Listen to Sebastian, Member of the Council of the Diaguita community of Patai co and the committee Esperanza de Vida del Valle of Huasco who invites us to the forums that will take place this Thursday, April 4 at the University of Chile as part of the tour “Tour national Valley of the Huasco: area of sacrifice”.

The first will be held at the Faculty of law at 13:30 hrs; and then at the school of journalism at 18:30 hrs.

We celebrate the 10 years of the No to the mine in Esquel with a sound documentary to remember the popular decision not to let the mine pass.

We dance together with Tommy King and Sergio Millamán to celebrate the collective after 13 years and their means of communication in

Attend the community lunch of Community public school that will take place this Sunday, April 7 in the Social Union in the street Maipú 424 to support free, community, public and free education.

Remember that the day Saturday 4 there will be informational seminar about asbestos in Chile which will take place in Maipú. More information at

All that and much more in Semillas de Agua

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